We deliver net zero solutions for your properties and for your residents.

Falling in line with the government’s net zero targets, we will deliver works to your properties to meet PAS 2030 and PAS 2035 retrofit standards and improving the experience for residents.

The types of works we deliver are:

Decarbonisation Fortem EWI

Why choose us?

We are the only business in the sector with a sole focus on social housing.

We work exclusively with social landlords to provide a warm, safe and decent place for people to live and call home. Working with social landlords since 2002, we have an extensive understanding of, and the capability to deliver on, the decarbonisation challenges our sector faces.

Through effective partnership working we will achieve your decarbonisation goals.

“Together with Fortem we are carrying out one of the biggest home insulation programmes in the UK.  Thanks to this partnership, our tenants have warmer, more comfortable, and healthier homes. And, very importantly in the current cost-of-living crisis, the properties are more energy efficient, which helps to save money on fuel bills. Fortem has been working with the council since 2015 and is helping us to deliver other aspects of our wider Affordable Warmth Strategy.”

Mark Nearney

Hull City Council
Assistant Director for Neighbourhoods and Housing

A Rich Heritage

As a Willmott Dixon Group company, we are able to lean on the full power of the Groups history, financial strength and experience of operating complex and highly technical projects.

Willmott Dixon , since 1852, is a privately owned, family run company, steeped in a people first culture, where strong partnering relationships with clients form the bedrock of delivery.

Our association with Willmott Dixon, strengthens our offer, helps us to grow and gives us heritage to be proud of.

Our Partners

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FOR our solutions to be informed by the voice of tenants to improve current and future living conditions within homes and tackle fuel poverty

Everyone deserves to live in a safe, warm and decent home. We will take account of residents’ views in the design and delivery of our projects and show we have listened to them.

Issues such as poor thermal efficiency, overheating, damp, mould and energy costs will be factored into retrofit decisions. We will minimise future disruption to residents by following a ‘no regrets’ principle to retrofit.

FOR us to simplify the decarbonisation of homes, providing an end-to-end retrofit service for our clients

We will work in partnership with clients to deliver a tailored service. drawing on in-house and external expertise, which includes:

  • Housing stock review
  • Design development
  • Securing funding
  • Solution delivery
  • Collecting data to demonstrate improvements

FOR us to set the standard on social value in our sector

2030 Targets:

  • For the diversity of organisations within our supply chain to increase year-on-year; this includes SMEs, micro businesses and social enterprises
  • For us to increase our spend with local supply chain

We will make social value a consideration in every decision we make – from how we support our own people and what we procure, through to the products and services we offer.

Our Sustainability Procurement Policy and Supply Chain Code of Conduct include commitments to promote equality, diversity and inclusion and tackling Modern Slavery.

FOR us to support people who face significant barriers to be in, or on the path to, good careers

2030 Targets:

  • For us to support 150 people facing significant barriers to the workplace to have new careers

Access to good quality work is the best way to improve a person’s life chances. Having a job can provide purpose, skills, a sense of achievement and increased self-esteem.

We will have a meaningful impact on the lives of people facing significant barriers to work.

FOR us to deliver high impact social value activities that promote social cohesion and improve local amenities, ensuring that customers and their communities thrive

2030 Targets:

  • For us to make connections with 25,000 people
  • For us to improve the lives of 2,000 people
  • For us to gather feedback from 100% of our social value activities
  • For us to collaborate with other partners to deliver greater social value impact

Every individual is unique, and every community is different. Working with our clients we will connect with communities and identify particular local needs and to deliver social value activities that address real issues and make a tangible difference.

FOR us to generate zero avoidable waste by 2030

2030 Targets:

  • For us to eliminate all avoidable waste during the construction of our planned and project works

  • For 100% of our non-hazardous waste (excluding void clearances) to be diverted away from landfill

  • For unavoidable waste from void clearances to be re-used, recycled and recovered where possible with at least 95% being diverted from landfill

Eliminating waste makes us more efficient and reduces our consumption of natural resources.

Zero avoidable waste means eliminating waste at every stage of a project’s lifecycle, from the manufacture of materials and products, the design, specification, procurement and construction or installation.

FOR our supply chain partners to be net-zero by 2040

  • For at least 70% of our purchased goods to be from suppliers that commit to being net zero carbon in operation by 2040

Our ambition to achieve zero carbon in our own operations will only have real impact if we share our experience and collaborate with others to eliminate carbon throughout our supply chain.

Our Sustainability Procurement Policy and Supply Chain Code of Conduct will allow us to work with organisations that can support us to achieve our goals. These include commitments to reduce the environmental and social impacts of the materials we use.

FOR us to aim to be a zero-carbon company without offsetting by 2030

2030 Targets:

  • For us to transition our fleet to zero-emission vehicles where the necessary infrastructure permits
  • For our sites, depots and offices to be fossil fuel free
  • For us to procure only certified natural renewable energy

Since 2022 we have been carbon neutral in our own operations. We will continue to reduce our emissions so that offsetting is no longer required and we become a zero-carbon company.